Lab Testing Services

Tru-Zero has a full-services water testing laboratory. Whether you are seeking analytical data to optimize your facility's existing water quality, performing routine regulatory compliance testing, or contemplating the installation of new technology, Tru-Labs is your one-stop shop for water analytics.

Lab Testing Services


Ground and Wastewater Testing

Irrigation Water Suitability Analysis

Priority Pollutant Analyses

Storm Water

Scale Analysis

Total and Fecal Coliform, MPN (3×5 MTF)

Anions, Soluble (Cl, F, Br, NO3, NO2, SO4)

Nitrogen, Total

Standard Minerals

Scale Analysis w/ ICP Scan

Membrane Filtration Test

Drinking Water

General Mineral, Physical & Inorganic Chemical

General Minerals, GM

General Physical, GP

Inorganic Chemicals, IOC


Regulated SOCs (Short List)

Langelier Index

Lead and Copper Rule

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Tru-Labs is a leading provider of testing services for source water, processed water, or wastewater. Whatever your analytical need is, Tru-Labs has you covered.

Lab Testing Services