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Tru-Zeroʼs answer is a patent pending total facility water management system that combines reverse osmosis, brine water recovery, HVAC / condensed water recovery, and 100% waste water recovery


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Automated Chemical Injection

Fully Automated Clean-In-Place (CIP) Control for BOTH Reverse Osmosis Systems

Antiscalant Injection for BOTH Reverse Osmosis Systems

Acid and Caustic Injection

No Chlorine, No Ozone

24/7 System Monitoring

Services Available Include:

State-Certified Laboratory (In Development)

Tru-Zero System

Need More Water?
Increase Capacity Through Modular Design

Tru-Zero was established and developed with the single purpose, to create a comprehensive water processing solution that could purify and remediate multiple wastewater types.
By combining the highest quality of filtration and reverse osmosis components with the most advanced zero waste technology, Tru-Zero is able to produce and recycle virtually 100% of a facility’s water. Our patented process recovers the water while removing harmful metals and fertilizers from entering the world’s water systems.

A single Tru-Zero System can process a combined 6,000 - 25,000 gpd of clean, hydroponic-grade water.

System Output Depends on Total Volume of Sources Available
A Single Tru-Zero Includes All Necessary Utilities (Heating and Cooling Systems)

Modular System Design

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Tru-Zero is one of the leading providers of Zero Water Discharge technology that can be developed independently or be integrated into existing plant operations.