For Industrial and Agricultural Industries

Tru-Zero is a flexible water treatment and recovery platform that can be adapted to many industries. From hydroponics & hemp to the treatment of mine leachates, ZWD is an essential part of a many company's sustainability objectives.



Tru-Zero Corp’s primary customer is the indoor hydroponics and hemp industries. Also known as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), indoor farming stands to be a $120 billion industry by 2030.
Tru-Zero ZWD technology is perfectly suited for indoor farming. These operations require reverse osmosis (RO) water to irrigate and fertilize the plants. Close to half of this water is wasted in the form of fertilizer runoff and evapotranspiration. By offering low and high concentration reverse osmosis, brine and fertilizer runoff recovery, HVAC condensate recovery, and evaporative zero water discharge, the Tru-Zero platform is the ultimate solution for the indoor farming market. Sustainability comes standard.

Industrial Water Treatment

Many industrial process require purified water while at the same time discharge large volumes of wastewater such as softener, cooling tower, and boiler blowdowns as well as process runoff and leachates.
Tru-Zero can help these facilities achieve a Zero Water Discharge classification thus freeing the facility from a great deal of regulatory oversight. Blowdown streams are concentrated and fully recovered for reuse within the facility as utility or process water makeup. Solids are concentrated and isolated for simple disposal or recovery. Tru-Zero engineers are here to tailor a solution for your needs.


The electroplating industry depends on RO water to ensure a coherent, uniform metallic coating on the base material. Various acids, additives, and other compounds are deployed which result in spent water with a high level of contamination.
ZWD technology can provide the electroplating operation with the RO water it needs in addition fully recovering the spent water while at the same time isolating the impurities, many of which have high value when recovered and recycled.

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