Tru-Zero Corp. was established to make the vision of a truly sustainable future a reality. Tru-Zero aims to change the conversation about water: today, we discuss wastewater management, tomorrow we discuss circular water systems and closed-loop design.


Tru-Zero’s philosophy is that there is no wastewater. There are just water sources with varying degrees of treatment difficulty.

Tru-Zero was born when the owner, Carlos Salazar, recognized demand from agricultural hemp growers who were customers of his agricultural equipment supply business, Bear Ag. Customers kept asking for zero water discharge solutions, identifying RO alone as insufficient to meet tightening wastewater regulations, increasing treatment costs, and worsening water scarcity. From this need, Tru-Zero was born and after a year of R&D, a provisional patent has been filed for this novel technology.

Tru-Zero’s philosophy is that there is no wastewater. There are just water sources with varying degrees of treatment difficulty. The Tru-Zero ZWD system can change the conversation about water: today, we discuss wastewater management, tomorrow we discuss water cycles and closed-loop design. All water within a facility with Tru-Zero installed is recycled and recovered on site, guaranteeing minimized water usage and zero water waste.



Tru-Zero envisions a world in which human activity has minimal impact on the environment that supports us.
We see a future free of waste, free of pollution, and free of technologies that exploit the natural world and don’t take responsibility for their externalities. And through our laser focus on circular, zero waste technology innovation, Tru-Zero intends to be the world leader in delivering the technologies that make this future possible.



We believe in solutions that not only ensure the indefinite survival of humankind and the planet earth, but in ones that maintain and improve our standard of living over time through minimalistic approaches. Doing the right thing doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices. By choosing thoughtful, zero-waste technologies, we can live well in our time while also building a better future for generations to come.


We invest in people and technology that run themselves. Our team members make the right decisions the first time without permission. The technologies we develop perform their task with little to no human intervention. The hard work is invisible. The magic is what you see.

Give a Sh*t

We care about what we do. We focus on the details because we know the details achieve the results. Our team members are here because they believe in what we stand for and are dead set on executing on our vision. We’re here because we care about something bigger than the sum of our parts.

Best in Class

Not only do we strive to be the best in our class, we strive to disrupt the status quo. Our moral imperative is to show the world that sustainable, zero-waste technologies are better than the old-world alternatives. It’s not enough anymore to make good products: those products must usher in a world where nature’s resources are conserved or improved.


Our ideas are unconventional because that’s what it takes to rethink the world we live in today. The solutions of the past will not work in the future they have delivered to us. Brave ideas and bold action is now the requirement. We fail to innovate at our own peril. Tru-Zero understands that we must constantly think outside the box to overcome the challenges created by the easy solutions of the past and to discover the everlasting future we strive to build.


Carlos Salazar

Сo-founder and CEO
Carlos is the co-founder and CEO of Tru-Zero, bringing more than 10 years of liquid handling solutions experience. Carlos is also the co-founder and CEO of Bear Ag, a liquid handling solutions company focused on innovative solutions for the agriculture and horticulture industries. During the early days of Bear Ag, Carlos was impacted by the amount of water wasted by some of the water processing systems Bear Ag was installing, which prompted his search for a solution. Previously, Carlos was the CFO of B-Line Sales, a leading oil & gas solutions company, where he developed and helped implement a temporary water supply system for the Office of Emergency Services of The State of California, which was instrumental as temporary water relief to families affected by drought.

Erik Anderson

Chief technology officer
After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Erik pursued his Masters in Biology and Phd in Biosystems Engineering. After school Dr. Anderson worked as a research engineer for private firms, developing commercial scale renewable energy technologies. Projects of interest sought to biorefine organic waste water by-products into renewable fuels. Core technologies included biodiesel, anaerobic digestion, gasification, and wastewater treatment systems. In 2014, Dr. Anderson was nominated and elected to the National Biodiesel Accreditation Committee, serving with 11 other commissioners to vote on issues of accreditation and quality assurance for the BQ-9000 program. Dr. Anderson has been involved in the publishing of over two dozen manuscripts and is named co-inventor on 4 US patents regarding process technology. As an optimist, Dr. Anderson considers sustainability the greatest potential gift our generation could impart to the world. Changes to the climate and humans’ continued misuse of resources has turned water conservation and cleaning from a problem of the future, to a concern for the here and now. As CTO, Dr. Anderson’s goal is to expand the use of Tru-Zero’s water reclamation technologies throughout the agricultural and water treatment industries and to educate the public to their benefits.

Lucas Altic

Chief Operating Officer
As a leader in renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing, Lucas Altic shares Tru-Zero’s vision of uncompromising commitment to zero waste technologies. Prior to coming to Tru-Zero, Lucas built a career in operational leadership in the biodiesel industry, empowering teams to achieve their highest and best work towards enabling a sustainable future. In his journey starting as a lab tech at his first plant to executive leadership at his most recent one, Lucas developed an intimate relationship with water: from managing wastewater or stormwater compliance to constructing and managing the operation of wastewater treatment processes, Lucas observed the massive environmental impact, and often lost opportunities, presented by the use and disposal of water in the manufacturing sector. Lucas sees water as one of the most urgent problems facing humanity today and hopes to change the conversation around water by helping to enable Tru-Zero’s mission. Lucas has a Masters of Science in Mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida. He spends his free time with his wife Lara, his 3 sons Jackson, Theo, and Lincoln, and their dog Silo.